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“Enhancing quality of life and bringing happiness with Kitchen Equipment's ”

SHARIF R ENGINEERING work (SEW) was founded in 1960. It is located in industrial city of central Punjab, Gujranwala. Our manufacturing facilities have 3 different locations. First one is located in center of city named as “Karadanwala Bazar” where our display center is also designed in front of workshop (1800 Staff) our 2nd manufacturing setup is in small Industrial Estate #2 (Area 1000 Staff). Our 3rd manufacturing facility is in Export Processing Zone (S.I.E #3) Area 2600 Staff SEW is focusing upon commercial kitchen product designing and manufacturing.
Our main product lines comprises on:

  1. Dough processing machinery and Equipments, like Dough Kneaded, flour kneaded dough ball divider and rounder, dough Proofing equipments, dough baking ovens, rote and chapatti baking. Ovens, rote and chapatti making manual to automated solution etc.
  2. Commercial vegetables and fruits dehydration unit. Meat and chicken drying ovens backing ovens, pizza ovens, and pita and shawarma bread baking lines, etc.
  3. Western commercial kitchen equipments i.e. Hotplates and griddles, cooking machines, food mixing machines, bar be cue conveyor grills, food blenders, soup Bain magic display counters, cooking display equipments of many kinds etc.

SEW has all kind of manufacturing machines and equipments from design to commercialize the machines. We have latest cutting-Bending-Reeling-Welding state of art machines imported from Europe and China.
We have 4th Generation Fiber laser cutting in-House-facility.
SEW is also biggest importer of food services equipments from different countries.
We are also among biggest exporter of food machines to England Dubai RSA and Oman.
We are working with not only good tools but also very high and hardworking and intelligent team including machine engineer and macatromic engineer.
Our working labor and staff is comprises on 42 peoples.
Our clients are our proud. We have served individual to institution at different levels.
List of our clients include different Garrisons, Army mess and canteens.
Punjab police, training schools and officials training centers like Sihala-Chong etc.
We have served Pak-Army from last 3 decades.
Pakistan Air Force is also our major clients. We have installed our machines at almost 7 air bases.
Rangers are also our clients in Sindh and Blochistan.
Private sector clients is Alhamdulillah too long like Fauji cereals, FMC, Dawn Foods, K&N,s Chicken, Menu Chicken, Varialine, Intercool PEL, Interlope Industrial Super Asia, Master foam, Master textile, Master tiles, Jamal pipes, Forward sports, Awam sports, Gourmate cake and bakes etc.
Our focus is not only selling equipments but also delivering satisfaction of process.
Zeeshan Ali


Keeping your kitchen running smoothly for long years is imperative to your operation’s success. Happy Kitchen Promise Programs

It is a new way of Kitchen being offered exclusively by Shreef Company for its valued customers. By extending this promise we show that we at Shreef Company always care for your Kitchen needs. It is a promise that ensures complete freedom from all worries related to our product.

Happy Kitchen Promise Programs ensures that we are always there at each step.

Just pick up a phone, and we are there at your service. We ensure smooth functioning of your product, through assured maintenance visits. Our absolutely genuine spares assurance means that you no longer need to worry over spares!


In a commercial kitchen, working conditions are especially demanding. There are four main factors affecting thermal comfort, these being: air temperature, radiation, air velocity and air humidity. At the same time, high emission rates of contaminants are released from the cooking process. Ventilation plays an important role in providing comfortable and productive working conditions and in securing contaminant removal.

The science of commercial kitchen ventilation includes both exhausting air as well as providing replacement air within the cooking area. Whether a restaurant is a small free-standing site or a large institutional kitchen, managing and balancing airflow is a complex issue. It is a challenge to properly ventilate commercial kitchens, as they require moving large volumes of air through duct-work and equipment placement in very restricted spaces. So proper implementation of exhaust hoods with fresh air supply is necessary for every commercial kitchen creating a healthy environment.

Shreef Company offer performance enhancing ventilation products for commercial kitchen, centrifugal exhaust blowers for industries, for comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe environments for commercial kitchen. We provide solutions for creating a positive indoor environment

Experiences for chefs and others working in the kitchen.


Exhaust System & Ducting in the kitchen is one of the most important part of kitchen ensuring proper working conditions for the chefs & the others. Traditionally exhaust system just meant installation of exhaust fans in kitchen area. But now, in today’s world the change in technology has given a new meaning to the exhaust system & ducting. Exhaust hoods with proper suppression system is the latest technology which easily manages to create an healthy working atmosphere in the kitchen by eliminating smoke.


L.P.G is the necessity of every Kitchen.
Ensuring a standardized L.P.G pipeline in Kitchen is the main objective of Shree’s Installation team. L.P.G Pipeline Installation needs an experienced workforce in order to maintain Safety of Kitchen & its equipment,s.
Shreef Company has its own specialized L.P.G Pipeline Installation team who ensures proper fitting as per ISI standards & safety of kitchen environment.
We use best quality branded C-class pipelines, pressure regulators, valves and other supporting components ensuring the safety norms.


Estimating the gas consumption of the kitchen equipment’s at peak load.
Visiting the site to determine technical & practical implementation of L.P. G Pipelines.
Creating the detailed CAD layout of pipeline showing all required stations where L.P.G pipeline will be available in the kitchen.